designer / illustrator





I have had the opportunity to work with clients at various stages of their branding process; from as early as crafting the name, to creating a logo for a start-up, to helping refresh and existing brand and making it as visually innovative as the company itself.

If your team is looking for a memorable logo that reflects what makes it unique, feel free to get in touch!



Whether you are in need of a mascot, or your company is hoping to refresh an existing character, I am excited to work with you to create a figure as charismatic as the team behind it. I have also worked with teams to create illustrated graphics for blogs, ads, and other marketing materials, as well as unique and cohesive sets of icons..

If your team is dreaming of custom illustration, character design, or iconography, feel free to reach out!



Posters, ad campaigns, direct mailers, billboards, brochures, packaging,…. you name it, I am excited to work with you to design it!

Feel free to contact me if there is a project you have in mind.